Learn To Profitably Rent Your RV & Avoid The Top Mistakes Most RV Owners Make

The RV Rental Secrets course is a step-by-step course made for RV Rental Owners by RV rental owners who have successfully started and scaled their RV rental businesses

skip countless hours of research

RV Rental Secrets Course

RV Rental Resource is a step-by-step course to learn how to profitably rent your RV. If you are ready to rent your RV, we are ready to help. Let us guide you thru the entire journey. Follow our training videos and avoid the common mistakes many make that can cost thousands. We hold nothing back, giving you instant access in an easy-to-follow guide that will show you all you need to do to prepare to successfully rent your RV. 

What You'll Learn

  • ​The absolute best place to list your RV to get the most bookings.
  • ​​Help you understand how to put protections in place like security deposits and cancellation policies.
  • ​​​​How to optimize your listing to get more reservations.
  • ​​​​​To avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands.
  • ​​​​Secrets to performing a successful walkthrough & delivery.
  • ​​​​How to earn additional income with add-ons
  • ​​​Exactly what you need to understand RV rental insurance once and for all!
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What Others Are Saying About Us

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"Garr is definitely an innovator in the peer to peer RV rental space. He started small, but has grown to become one of the top providers on the RVShare platform. He has established the largest consignment company with the widest reach and I’m excited to see him unfold his plans for more branches and one way travel. Garr stands out because he of his ability to come up with creative solutions to tough problems, and his constant hustle in the effort to give his customers a great camping experience."

- Mike, RVshare

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"Garr's company is leading the charge on the management side of the RV marketplace industry and Garr Russell has emerged as the defacto leader in the new evolution of managed services and managed fleets.  Garr has the skill, the entrepreneurial spirit, and discipline to take this company to newer heights and build an enduring National brand."

- Jeff, Outdoorsy Founder & CEO

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"We always felt there was a void in education for RV renters.  Garr Russell,  has a passion for the RV industry. He also shares our passion for educating RV consumers. He talked to us about the RV rental Business Accelerator and RV Rental Resource that provides everything a person needs to start and run a successful RV rental business.  When we got off the Zoom call with Garr, I immediately told Mark this was a divine appointment. I can't express how that makes me feel, except that I know when I say we are blessed.

- Dawn, RV Education 101

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The step-by-step guide to rv rental success

Firestarter Course

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"Our Simple To Follow Self-Paced Course Is The Answer To Skip The Learning Curve And Enter Your New RV Rental Adventure Confident And Equipped." - Garr Russell

What's Included

  • ​Lifetime access to the course, including any future updates made.
  • 8 core training modules - Forming your Business, Setting up Systems, Setting up Your Site, RV Training, Rules & Procedures, Protecting Yourself & Your Business, Customer Service, and Sales & Marketing.
  • ​42 video lessons
  • 8 Printable workbooks - each is a companion to the corresponding module. Read through the training, complete questionaries and checklists to keep you on task.
  • ​​Templates & Checklists - Supply Checklist, RV Guest Guide template, & more!

The Modules

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Learn how to the best way to choose a business name, location, and the steps needed to legally set up your business.

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Get the secrets to setting up systems - including email, bookkeeping, and the best platforms you should list on.

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Ever wonder the most efficient way to perform a walkthrough or how to properly maintain your RV?  You will learn all this and more!

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From supplies needed to tow vehicle and equipment recommendations, this module will help you get organized and working efficiently.

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Have you considered setting up pet or cancellation policies?  In this module we will review the policies and procedures you should have in place.

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This is a must watch module!  It will go over everything from insurance to contracts, security deposits, and proper documentation. All which will protect you and your business and help you save money.

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Customer service plays an important role in your business.  You will learn the best practices to turn inquiries into bookings, how to get great reviews, and get repeat customers.

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We will teach you to set up social media, your Google Business page and how to optimize your listing.  All which will help your listing get seen more which will increase reservations.

Ready To Learn All There Is To Know About
Renting Out Your RV?

over 20 years of combined expirience

Meet Your Guides

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Your Main Guide

Garr has started, scaled and sold several companies! Systems, processes, sales, marketing, leadership and forging the way are his giftings. In 2016 he entered the Rv space and has quickly rose the lead the industry starting the nation's first rv rental management company with locations all around the US and now the co-founder of the RVRBA.

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Marketing Guru

Stacy has been in the RV rental industry since 2019.  She started and grew a profitable RV Rental business to a fleet of 20 which she recently sold so that she could join forces with Garr and become a co-founder of RVRBA. She will share her secrets of how to get more reservations through marketing, customer service, and collaborations.      

Ready To Learn All There Is To Know About
Renting Out Your RV?

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These Incredible Bonuses

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How to Make $1000 in Your RV Rental Business

In this exclusive training you will be taught several ways to make more money in your business as well as save additional funds which will more than cover the price you paid for the course.

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RV Rental Interviews

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the RV Rental Industry in these exclusive interviews with RV owners on the following topics; Coordinating One-Way Rentals, Investing in the Right RV Rental, and Insuring Your RV Rental Unit.

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RV Education 101 Resources

RVRBA has joined forces with Mark Polk from RV Education 101 to give you a list of RV Essentials and RV Toolbox & Essential Supplies, as well as two video trainings - RV Pre-trip Check and Why & How to Exercise Generators.

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Exclusive Course Member Community

Connect with other RV Rental owners that are going through the same journey as you are.  Special trainings and bonuses will be made available to this group as well as monthly Q&A Sessions.


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 Firestarter Course

$2997 (Value)

How to Make $1000 in 30 Days

$997 (Value)

RV Rental Interviews

$497 (Value)

RV Education 101 Resources

$197 (Value)

Exclusive Firestarter Community

$997 (Value)




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Firestarter Course?

When you purchase the course you will get lifetime access to all 8 modules, 42 video lessons, 8 Printable workbooks and several Templates & Checklists that will help you start and run your RV rental business.

What experience level is needed for the course to be beneficial? 

Whether you haven’t started an RV rental business yet, are just renting your own RV as a source of additional income, or want to turn it into a business, this course can help you get started.

 How do I know if this is right for me?

The Firestarter Course helps those that are currently renting out their RV and people who are looking to get into the RV rental industry.  

 How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

You can benefit with just signing in for one hour a week. All lessons are pre-recorded so you can access and complete it at anytime and anywhere that is convenient to you. 


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